Introduction – CISA certificate

In this 4 day CISA ® Preparation Course, you will be trained by a trainer of FORFA Academy with many years (20 +) of experience in the total field of information security.

The CISM ® Preparation Course will be given in the English language. On ask, we can deliver German or Dutch speaking trainers, though the course material will be English.

After completing the CISA ® Preparation Course, you will have:

  • a thorough knowledge and understanding of all CISA ® domains
  • you are fully prepared for the International CISA ® exam. (not included)

The CISA ® preparation training consists of a 4 day classroom training.

Target audience

This course is designed for students who have to deal with IT Audit  aspects in their organization and need more thorough knowledge e.g.

  • IT auditors
  • Consultants information security
  • Security managers
  • Coordinators information security

Basic knowledge of information security and technics is recommended, not needed.

In class, there is enough time to understand the goal of CISA®.

Good understanding of the English language is essential.

Day 1

Module 1 – The process of auditing information systems


  • Management of the IS audit function
  • ISACA standards
  • IS controls
  • Performing an IS audit
  • Control self-assessment
  • The evolving audit process

Module 2 – Governance and management of IT


  • Corporate governance and governance of enterprise IT
  • Information systems strategy and risk management
  • Policies, procedures and practices or auditing
  • Business continuity planning


Module 3 – Information systems acquisition, development and implementation


  • Realization of business benefits
  • Project management structure & practices
  • Infrastructure and business application development
  • Development methods for infrastructure, systems, and applications
  • Process improvement and application controls

Day 3

Module 4 – Information systems operations, maintenance and support


  • Information system operations
  • Information system architecture, network infrastructure, software and hardware
  • Auditing infrastructure, maintenance and operations
  • Disaster recovery planning


Module 5 – Protection of information assets


  • Information security management
  • Network infrastructure security
  • Logical access and encryption
  • Environmental and physical access exposure and controls
  • Mobile computing, peer-to-peer and social networks