CGEIT certification training

In this 3-day CGEIT ® Preparation Course, you will be lectured by a trainer of FORFA Academy who has 20+ years of experience in the total field of information security.

The CGEIT® Preparation Course will be given in the English language. On demand, we are happy to deliver the course in German or Dutch, nonetheless, please note that the course material and the CGEIT certificate test are in English.

After completing the CGEIT® Preparation Course, you will have:

  • a thorough knowledge and understanding of all CGEIT® domains
  • you are fully prepared for the International CGEIT ® exam. (not included)

The CGEIT ® preparation training consists of a 3-day classroom course.

Target audience

This course is designed for students dealing with risk management and implementing / containing it in their organization e.g.:

  • IS/IT Directors
  • IS/IT Managers
  • IS/IT Consultants
  • IT Governance Professionals
  • IS/IT Executives

Basic knowledge of information security RISK is highly recommended, not needed.

In class, there is enough time to understand the goal of CGEIT®.

Good command of the English language is essential.

The first step to becoming CGEIT-certified is to pass the CGEIT certification exam, consisting of 150 questions covering 5 job practice domains.

Domain 1


In this domain, the student gains the expertise to define, establish and manage a framework for the governance of enterprise IT in alignment with the mission, vision and values of the enterprise.  Domain 1 authenticates the ability to facilitate the achievement of enterprise goals and objectives in order to create stakeholder value while optimizing resources.

Domain 2


Strengthens acumen and ability to ensure that IT enables and supports the achievement of enterprise objectives by integrating and aligning IT strategic plans with those of the enterprise.  Domain 2 affirms aptitude for seeing that appropriate policies and procedures are in place to support IT and enterprise strategic alignment.

Domain 3


Proficiency in this job practice area verifies the agility necessary to ensure that IT-enabled investments are managed to deliver optimized business benefits, and that performance improvements are properly measured, evaluated and reported. Domain 3 firmly establishes the expertise to see that IT-enabled investments are managed as a portfolio of investments through their economic life cycle to achieve business benefit.

Domain 4


Gain the ability to ensure an IT risk management framework exists to identify, analyze, mitigate, manage, monitor, and communicate IT-related business risk, and is aligned with the enterprise risk management (ERM) framework. Domain 4 is also vital toward ensuring legal and regulatory compliance requirements are addressed through IT risk management.

Domain 5


Aptitude in this key realm speaks to your savvy in ensuring the optimization of IT resources including information, services, infrastructure, applications and people

to support the achievement of enterprise objectives. Domain 5 demonstrates how to put processes in place to identify, acquire and maintain IT resources and capabilities (i.e., information, services, infrastructure, applications and people).